La Opinion Offices


La Opinion Offices and Printing Facility
Los Angeles

Sparked by a strong interest in the dynamic urbanism of Los Angeles, the La Opinion Headquarters examines the Broadway corridor as a site in the downtown core. This linear slot of Manhattan-like urbanism is comprised of a fairly consistent fabric of eight to ten story buildings built in the previous century. As downtown becomes ‘urban’ (again), it is undergoing massive shifts in economies, scales and uses, conflating to produce the metropolitan.

La Opinion is the leading Spanish language newspaper for the Southern California region. In response to a need to bring administration and production into a single location, the new headquarters asserts itself as an urban presence. The production facilities are positioned in a tall, single story space located below grade along the east side of the site at Main Street. A field of linear skylights illuminate the entire space, while large windows to the street above allow passersby to observe the printing activity below. Small commercial venues are located at the street level along Broadway to the west, while the editorial offices for the paper occupy the gently curving ten-story bar building above. A large public event space, along with a daycare center for employees’ children float as discrete forms in the roof of the production hall and provide an interface between the offices above and the place of production below. In addition to promoting frequent chance interactions amongst a wide spectrum of occupants, this programming strategy serves to blur and conflate the mission of the newspaper as a collective, public voice with the people and public spaces that inhabit it.

Project credits:
Russell Thomsen, Eric Kahn, Ron Golan, Davis Marques, Fadi Hakim, Jason Payne.

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About Russell Thomsen

A founding partner in the award winning Central Office of Architecture (COA, 1987-2008) and IDEA Office (2009-2014), Russell Thomsen formed RNThomsen Architecture in 2015. He has been a licensed architect since 1989. The office provides a full range of architectural services. In addition to directing the practice, Russell is also a senior design studio faculty member at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in downtown Los Angeles. The work of the office has been internationally recognized, exhibited and published. The office has received several awards including the Architectural League Prize and Emerging Voices, both from the Architectural League of New York, and the Best In American Architecture Award for the Saitama Residence.